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A real estate mailer that doesn't look at all like a real estate mailer.
I was asked by a vice president at Corcoran to create 3 mailers that were totally different from what people are used to reading from real estate. In other words, enough picture of a gorgeous living-room, let's think outside the box and bring interesting ideas to the table. She had the concept for a bird in the hand for her first mailer, which I designed. We were thrilled about it!
But then... Corcoran's marketing department person deflated our balloon of happiness....
Ok... so basically no cool background, no interesting type... no cool colors and a stock image illustration?! Here's what she suggested...
The client was still convinced we could make it work so I removed a few elements to make it look more on brand.
Mission accomplished: there will be more attention driven from her clients with this mailer piece.
Now, the other two pieces she asked me design involved drawing both The Northside Piers and The Edge buildings, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She also wanted to work with the line "It's a seller's market!", incorporating lots of desperate people fighting to buy a property in the building. I went cool and modern with it, relying on a more 3D approach for the design.
Northside Piers.
The Edge.
Imagine trying to pass this through the marketing people...? Here's the final result.