Grupo Consultores Infographics
Grupo Consultores is the leading specialist consulting firm in the marketing communications and media industries. 
During summer they asked for two infographics panels about the ten most attractive creative agencies in Spain, and a UK Agency Scope about criteria agency selection process.
The project was developed under the name of Brands & Roses Agency, and we decided to realize it with the main corporate violet, adding some colors like strong orange, light green and turquoise to enrich the composition and underline it with our personal style. 
In this case we where working outline icons and different size element to characterize the infography. 
Here you can find a selection of images about drafts, structures realized with Adobe Illustrator, icon set and some details about the main elements. 
Client: Grupo Consultores [Spain]
Agency: Brands & Roses  [Spain]
Design and Data Visualization: relajaelcoco [Spain]
Media: Digital and web