Portraits Anonymous People · Barcelona
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    Portraits of anonymous people · Barcelona
This project was born after some personal thoughts about the anonymity and the individualism on the 21st century’s cities.
As a social species, humans always tend to live in groups. First, in small groups formed by tens, later by hundreds, then by thousands, by hundreds of thousands... nowadays, we humans live in groups formed by million of individuals grouped in what we call big cities.  In these cities it appears what  is known as “the individual anonymity”. The more individuals live together, the less notoriety has the individual identity.
Everyone of us, with our anonymous life and our daily actions, form this modern society based on the individualism.

The people of these portraits aren’t the result of any selection process (they might not be the poorest, the wealthiest, the most famous...), they are simply people that I met on the street and agreed being photographed. They are a small sample of all these anonymous individuals who form this big human’s group living in the same city.
As a long term project, I will be adding new portraits as I shoot them. 

I hope you enjoy it.
Peter Porta