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About the Project
On users can customize a template online and see an instant preview to create their own bumper sticker. 
Press release about major updates on 7/26/11 »
I initiated and led this project to not only get the appearance of the site up to modern times, but also the usability.  This project was a part of a multi-website redesign to improve user experience, brand image, and website structure for more rapid development across all of the company sister sites.  
Usability improvements were made to the customization process, checkout process and customer account section with a better UI and new features.
Tools & Skills:  ASP.NET interfacing, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Balsamiq wireframes, functional prototyping, use case scenarios, Information Architecture, User Experience, graphic design, UI, project management, SEO
About the Company & Websites,, and are sister sites and operated by Graphicsland, Inc. I worked at Graphicsland for 6.5 years and was the Sr. Web Designer when I left the Chicago-based company to move to Portland, OR in the fall of 2011. 
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Customize a template online to design your own custom bumper sticker.
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