Here's a fun project I got to work on for Ragwear, an urban clothing company based in Prague. Originally they hired me on to design just one T-shirt for their Fall/Winter 2012 line, but after I got a little over zealous with the sketches they decided to add two more to the order.
This is one of those great assignments where the direction was so wide open that I could really take off with my concepts and just play around. For the men's T's the project manager asked me to just incorporate the Ragwear logo into the image, and for the women's T's she simply asked for creatures. It's always a great change of pace when the client is ready to run with whatever you throw at them, and these guys where a complete pleasure to work with from beginning to end! It was also really interesting to flatten out my style a little more and work with a much simpler color scheme. I have a feeling I'll be experimenting more with this flat graphic look in future illustration assignments - I can't get enough of those clean edges!
(All photos are courtesy of Ragwear)