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Here for my ​​​​​​​new short animation.
This story of BMO being upgrade to ver 2.0

BMO 2.0
He was born in space and ready to go to Earth. And.. 'Super hero landing'

Reference / Process
The first inspiration came from the old Japanese animation 'Gaogaigar'. It became an homage of early scenes.
I've tried a lot of techniques, and I've done my best for every scene. It took about three months to make and was the largest personal project.

Track 1. Synth Pad

Track 2. Arpeggio Synth

Track 3. Horn / Trumpet

Track 4. Drum / Bass

Track 5. Violin / Chello

Music / Sound FX
And I've always wanted to make everything I need for the video on my own. But It was really hard to make new music... So I decided to use 'logic pro X' to remix awesome music.
And one hours before uploading BMO 2.0, I was throwing batteries and plastic pieces at my desk with the recorder on at dawn.

BMO 1.9
And It is his past story...

There were a lot of tests and a lot of fun during the BMO 2.0 making. There was a version of BMO 1.9 before the BMO 2.0 was made. At last, the BMO 2.0 was completed, but the end was tragedy.

BMO 2.0, BMO 1.9

Animation / Sound mix : Junho Kim

Tools : Cinema4D, Octane, Aftereffects, Logic pro X

2.0 Music : The sneepers - Guardians Inferno ( Junho Kim remix )
1.9 Music : Kevin MacLeod - Fig Leaf Rag




BMO 2.0