"Golfer-boy" is a medium size soft sculpture I made in 2007. It was followed by a smaller and simpler version I made for a friend, that remained untitled. At that point I was experimenting with the incorporation of thin wire in the fabric so as to create free standing forms, and tactile qualities, making openings in the stitch where the form was convex,  and incorporating soft fabrics in concave forms.  "Golfer" is attached to a long piece of carpet that makes the work adjust to its enviroment and also "leak" in the viewers space, questioning thus the use of bases and pedestrals in traditional sculpture. In addition to the above, like most of my three-dimensional works it is playful and feminin in a way.
A photograph of it has been the cover of Kostis Kilymis' second ( if my memory doesn't trick me) cd titled ".accumulated" (more information about this you can find here: http://thesorg.noise-below.org/2/?p=15)  
At present, it is part of my personal collection. 
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