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    A view over a colonized world, populated by alien critters and exotic flora.
Some people meditate, other people manually place dozens of instance objects and get just as zen.

I'd like to think that if Fragile Allegiance was made today, and would allow you to colonize planets instead of asteroids, it would look rather like this. 

Lots of details in this one!
The colony's main city.
A flock of bird-like runners. Or a herd of running birds?
Outpost/mid-way station.
Flyers abound on this low-G world.
Atmospheric processor at a safe distance from the colony. Just in case it needs to violently nuclearly explode after an infestation of aggressive alien life forms.
I love the boxy designs of the alien ships in Fragile Allegiance (which you barely get to see, unless you visit one of their asteroids or spy on them with a satellite). This one here is basically copied from a design for the Braccatia race. 
Camouflaged predator 1
Camouflaged predator 2
Walking squid! Almost look intelligent, don't they?
Battle of egos
Troupe of sleeping bunkertigers.