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The most memorable nights always seem to have been struck by some kind of magic.
Rompehielo is a powerful Mexican wine that seeks to be the ice breaker that conjures unforgettable moments. 

We were inspired by the song of the Cenzontle, also known as a Mockingbird, which is known to be the bird of 400 voices. We collaborated with artist Nef Espino to immortalize this mesmerizing creature in an intricate & detailed illustration. 

Our main inspiration for the brand was the idea of breaking silence, hence the name. In our journey to represent this idea, we sought out to create a brand of many contrasts. We designed an elegant yet strong wordmark to go hand-in-hand with our quarter rest inspired logo used to literally break the silence. We added the hologram details to make the brand even more enchanting and mysterious.

In the end, we achieved an elegant, sophisticated brand for a wine that is sure to be a conversation starter.