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    Personal project developed to explore the possibilities of art, illustration and graphic design into recycled materials.
CROSSOVER is a personal project where I created a series of different designs that can be applied into commercial products. There is a combination between art pieces, illustration and graphic design. 
I experimented new ways to apply some digital techniques as well, creating own resources and trying to find a balance between the different fields, which was one of the purposes behind these series. On the other hand, I wanted to offer something new to potential clients, with unique designs and possibilities to be explored in future projects.
I've been creating during the last months new artworks behind the idea of an observational process. The process starts with the simple creation of geometrical shapes/elements and distort them to get an unique figure. Your brain assimilates at one point something similar to a real object or simply anything that saves an interaction with light, volume, mass & form. From that point, the artwork evolves and different techniques are applied to get something interesting to my eyes.
It is not a coincidence that the different designs looks like recycled products. It should be the present, but sadly we are in 2013 and the most of the publications out there are still printed in new materials. Same with CD's, DVD's and other many different packages that we all buy, use and waste. I can't understand how something that is so obvious is so hard to understand for some people. Independently of the global awareness, as a creative I wanted to express my different ideas into recycled materials. 
Thanks for watching!