The inspiration was a Women's figure skating
Another joy -  (kaze23)

In the joy we see from Yu-na Kim, there must be something she has to bear such as private anguish, burden, and expectation and responsibility from the public. 

 Although she is currently already one of the most loved people and the majority of Korean know who she is, some people still remember her tough past moments that she practiced numerous times without a decent place and enough pairs of shoes so that she even had to wear one pair for a few years.
Despite the fact that she has come to the forefront at a tender age being compared with other athletes from all over the world, I just wanted to watch and express the output, which comes out from the process.

Please, feel free to enjoy a different style of Yu-na Kim created by my feeling and emotion.
- Another joy    
 A bud -  (kaze23)

During her performance, a scene that she spins having both of her hands on a tiptoe is designed and expressed.
At the moment, it creates an impression as if a bud beautifully blooms in softness of the silhouette like a wine glass.
While thinking of a bud blooming on friction between a skate blade and ice... 
- A bud
A snowflake - (kaze23)

Silently staring at something on wide ice makes a lot of things to think of.
What does she think of or about before a performance….?

A skater preparing to bloom snowflakes by herself on ice… and the snowflakes are coming out slowly and brightly around her.
- A snowflake
Flow - (kaze23)

The way that seems to be very slippery when it comes to our point of view might be a way that other skaters have already passed and it won't be easy to recarve my own way on the way.

Yu-na Kim, a skater who expresses softness in this harsh environment.

When I see her, my heart beats together.
- Flow
Other sketches
- Queen of the ice
제 생각속에 김연아 선수는 현실에서는 김연아 란 사람이지만 얼음위에서는 자연과 비슷하며 색다른 기운과 느낌 ... 그 누구보다 자연스러운 존재로 보였습니다 ...
그래서 제가 표현 할 수 있는 것이 형체를 그리기 보다는 자연과 어우러진 모습을 표현하는 것이 가장
자연스럽다고 생각하였습니다
때로는 맑지만 ...
어둡기도 하고 ...
차갑지만 힘이 있을 것 같은 느낌으로 말이죠
저만의 느낌으로 나온 김연아 선수를 봐주셔서 고맙습니다
Thank you ~*