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    Editing for trailer, color correction, visual effects and title graphics.

The film has so many interweaving story lines, it's nearly impossible to put together a linear-like preview of the story. Instead, we had to approach it per character and tease bits of their story.
In providing color correction to the film as well as the trailer, we kept the color palette rather cool. Most of the characters are thrust into these situations that leave them stranded and alone, so the use of shadows and blue/green hues were pivotal.
Toward the crescendo of the trailer, we start seeing glimpses of a weapon. The mystery surrounding the final montage is capped by the last shot of the brother crying on camera.
I feel like this single shot is the power behind the trailer. After we build up a fast montage of shots, we are left here, on a wordless cliff of emotion. Guilt? Pressure? Relief? Awe? Sorrow? Guess you'll have to watch the film.