Lemon Squeezer 
A Concept Development Project of a home appliance during our studies in the Department of Product and System Design Engineering.
Design of a lemon squeezer. The main purpose of the product is restful use and easy cleaning. It is mainly aimed at housewives aged 35-55 who are engaged in home-made cooking and pastry.
Target Group
Relatively well-off housewives, aged 30-55, who are engaged in homemade cooking and pastry. Their house environment and habits are characterised by: Modern kitchen furniture, working for a few hours, use lemons daily, possibility of owning lemon, Dishwasher, Trend for more money to buy such equipment.
Geometry - Simplicity - Clarity - Ease of use - Modern design - Elegance
Lemon Squeezer available in the market
Restful to use
Easy and fast cleaning
Easy to use
Squeeze the lemon as best as you can
Suitable for everyday use
The juice is collected
Good filtration from pits and flesh
Do not pollute the surrounding area
Safe for the user
Modern aesthetics
It is suitable for mass production
It is intended for home use
The cost does not exceed 30 euros
Be non-electric
Do not target children
Not to be a purely decorative object

Minimal stress on the user during use
Self-explanatory form
There will be no angles but curves
Smooth, non-porous surfaces
Accurate and easy juice transfer process
It will be stored as an object
Suitable form for maximum efficiency
A form that prevents the spread of juice due to "splashing" during squeezing
Use fitment for good filtration from pits and flesh
The user will not come into contact with the lemon during squeezing
Use non-toxic materials
Existence of a juice picker
Aesthetics will be characterized by elegance, clarity and geometry
There will be no sharp surfaces
Table-top device
The product will remain stable during use
There will be no unnecessary elements and unnecessary functions

Final Concepts Composition
Form Evolution
Concepts - 3D Visualization
Concept 1
Concept 2
Concept 3
Choosen Concept Development
Explode View
Technical Drawings
Designed by Vasilakis Konstantinos, Damas Ilias , Nikolaou Nikos, Patronis Sotiris & Sotiriadis Xristos-Victor. 
Lemon Squeezer - Home Appliance Concept Design

Lemon Squeezer - Home Appliance Concept Design

Lemon Squeezer - Home Appliance Concept Design