78% Exhibition design

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  • 78% Project
    Exhibition concept and overall design (in collaboration with Živko and Ivo Toplak)
  • exhibition setup and light program diagram
  • exhibition setup (only one light was lit at the exhibition and this photo serves only for concept clarification)
  • artwork without the light looks as an empty paper (image was contrasted to illustrate the idea)
  • artworks were in total darkness and LED light "developed" the art piece calling visitors to approach it
  • Light program finale; all lights were lit and in blue color. Also final thought appeared for visitors to read.
  • "Only water in this space is YOU. 78% of your body is water."
  • Educational zone
    Another part of the project was educational zone (placed on square in front of exhibition building) explaining the process of preparing the exhibition itself.
  • Visual identity
    We also created visual identity and coding for the exhibition. We implemented it in exhibition invitation, catalog, poster and educational booklet
  • detail of poster, invitation, catalog and educational booklet
  • invitation - front
  • invitation - back
  • exhibition catalog
  • catalog detail
  • artwork section - detail with transparency trick (75% of "darkness")
  • artwork section - detail with transparency trick (25% of ""darkness")
  • poster was 160cm long
  • educational booklet which included explanation of all elements needed to create exhibition
  • This project was developed @ Eklego, platform for visual dialogue
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