Kfason 2018 - design of: poster, banner logo, flyer, ID badges.
A poster for the horror festival in Cracow, made mostly in 3D
The tools I've used:
Blender (models)
ZBrush (sculpting details, monsters)
Substance Painter (texturing)
Unreal Engine (scene set up, rendering)
Photoshop (overpaint, retouch, text adding)

Below: The final version of the poster (with all infos).

Design process.
1. Basic idea.
2. I decided to add more elements to the whole design.
3. Started to build the scene.
4. Testing lights
5. Added more details (bulding models)
6. Testing compositions
7. More tests
8. Added monsters and was wondering how to show them.
9. Final, clean render shot (from Unreal Engine)
10. Overpaint/retouch in Photoshop.

Below: Just some fun shots with placeholder monsters.

Below are the backgrounds for the flyer (left) and ID badges (right).
This is a modified scene from the poster, clean renders from Unreal Engine.
On top of the graphics was the event's schedule, on the reverse was a small version of the poster.
ID badges contained only the name/surname/nickname of the person and their title (ie. guest, press, author, coordinator etc.)
3D sculpted model of the logo made for a banner asset for the poster.
3D model from vector shapes (Blender), sculpted in ZBrush, painted in Substance Painter.
Below is a series of monsters which are standing in the tent's entrance in the poster.
It wasn't necessary to create full models of them (simple, black silhouette would have been enough) but I had so much fun when I started designing them that I decided to make full 3D sculpted models (Zbrush) and paint them (Substance Painter).
Kfason 2018

Kfason 2018

A poster for the horror festival in Cracow.