Eternal Noos
An interior design installation concept, that's meant to explore the notion of Etherealism through Tulimond's construction of a world that's afloat in time. With the elegance of Edra's Boa Sofa, and Eny Lee Parker's Oo Lamp.
adjective: ethereal; adjective: etherial
• extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.
• heavenly or spiritual.
(disclaimer: this's a copy & paste from Google search's dictionary)
A floating space. A sky that changes scenery depending on one's mood; no. Decided by one's Noosphere. The ever changing thought, the evolution of the mind, sustains Eternal Noos to live, for you. Is it a window of what could someone's afterlife be? Perhaps. But it is for sure a view of what lives inside the unconsciousness of someone. That someone is you.

In short, This place is intended to be a space for one, of one. A quiet place that fills the heart with content and happiness. 

Here to enjoy bathing in sun rays.
Ah. A sunny hour good for some cotton candy shaved snow.
Read a book?
How about admiring the sky?
Fun fact: 36 renders were created to make this 360 view GIF.
Eternal Noos