Tinbox: Storytellers & plantsmen, our startup project
of storytellers and plantsmen

Around 2017, me and Aanchal Gupta did this project. We both were inspired by storytelling and animation. She came up with this idea of making memory videos. We searched and found out the closest match to this idea was StoryCorps (youtube channel). We took inspiration from them and started our own content. One of her friend (Harsha) helped us to get the recordings. Her grandmother shared her story with us.

This was the first Tinbox video:

Tinbox animation memory of Mrs Chandra Khemlani
Hats off to Aanchal, she was great and real hard worker, we also suggested this idea to some NGOs and other startup funds. We tried to build up a business model which was needed by the society.

Problems to target:
1. Social Science is not taught with examples of real-life experiences resulting in low  retention levels and learning limited to textbooks.
2. Senior citizens feel less acknowledged and more lonely as generation gap becomes wider due to lack of interactive communication.  

The mission :
Bridge the gaps between the old and the young as well as between textbook learning and real life experiences.

How to achieve?
1. Reanimate the memory. Lot of us now-a-days keep photographs or videos of most of our events in live. But there are some stories which couldn’t get captured in any album to remember and relive it again some day. Older people have even fewer recordings of their life. The idea was to recreate that memory, and everyone is a storyteller of her/his own unique life.
2. Gift the newer generation with more than just syllabus. The greatest teacher is time and experience. We can learn lot from our elder generation, from their experiences, the lessons of life and teachings that we could never find in any of the textbooks of our syllabus. But, not all elders can teach all young ones everything. So this was one trial to allow their teachings to reach more audience.

Link between young and old:
Students receive videos based on the topic they are learning leading to a series of discussions and creative exercises to direct them into building character strengths.
Senior Citizens receive boxes of letters, skype/in-person interactions with students, arranged by our team to show them the impact of their stories.

Team was set : Aanchal Gupta (business development), Garvith Agarwal (content creation) and Kartik Batra (Marketing)

Next : The Name. After shuffling through several options we had three names ‘Story Owl’, ‘Little Less Lonely’ (LLL) or ‘Tinbox’. We went ahead with Tinbox. Graphic explorations of Tinbox as follows.

Tinbox Logo animation
Other Variations of Video
Printed story for preview
Some behind the scenes
Photograph of Mrs Khemlani and Aanchal below:
Well, even though nothing great of business journey happened at least we were able to give Mrs Chandra Khemlani a ‘moment’. When we showed the video to her she had tears in her eyes in complete silence and with very soft voice she said “This is exactly how it…. Thank you!”

Those tears and the moment, we knew that the memory touched her heart. We knew that it is more than just a video for her.

Thanks a lot to Mrs Chandra Khemlani, Harsha Ramchandani, Aanchal Gupta and Kartik Batra. Whether Tinbox went real or not, it is real in our memories. We tried! :)
Tinbox: Storytellers & plantsmen, our startup project

Tinbox: Storytellers & plantsmen, our startup project