UncommonMenFromMars: Functional Dysfunctionality (2009)
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    Full package (cover design, promo) for the Uncommonmenfrommars album released in 2009, functionnal dysfunctionality.
Uncommon Men From Mars : Functional Dysfunctionality (2009)
Graphic Design, Web Design, Full Promo Package
In 2009, Uncommon Men From Mars has released their new album "Functional Dysfunctionality". I was in charge to produce all the graphic stuff : CD, posters, flyers, merchandising.
Here is the result after many hours, coffees and cigarettes.
Check the band website : www.uncommonmenfrommars.net
Origianl shot of the Robot
I've done first the new band logo and the album title logo. I decided to use old futuristic font to match the overall look of the robot.
The color palette for the project. I chose desaturated colors to give a vintage atmosphere.
Here is the whole finished album, ready to print!
For the lyrics pages, I've done a graphic typo layout. The center pages give information about how is the life of the robot when he's not destroying cities.
Under CD artwork
CD label
Back of the CD
Promo Package : Print

Release flyer
Tour flyer
Rock One Magazine Ad
OX Fanzine Ad
Flyer for Germany Tour
Promo flyer and poster for the "nouveau casino" show in Paris
Press Release (front)
Press Release (back)
Promo Package : Photos
Photos by David Basso. I did the color correct and retouching with Photoshop.