Inspired by his own childhood experiences and those of his two children, along with the beauty of the surrounding countryside, Gareth Axford aims to capture a childlike sense of adventure and imaginative play in his illustrations. Also having a very keen interest in the natural world, Gareth has recently rediscovered a love of drawing wildlife, and has been working on a series of more realistic illustrations of birds, plants, insects and pond life to be used on interpretation boards.
As an animator Gareth has worked on a very wide range of projects both on TV and the web. He is a traditional 2D animator, although these days his working methods are purely digital. Gareth's clients include various Nestle Purina pet food brands, Blackberry, Bounty, CBeebies and Cartoon Network.
Contact :
Twitter : @GarethAxford
'A Walk in the Woods'
'Betime Stories'
'The Elephant in the Attic'
'Under the Bed'