Old Family Album
Old Family Album
Last week I found an old family album in my garret and wanted to share it with you!
Please, letʼs keep this between us, my family doesnʼt like to share these pictures. Letʼs respect their privacy, please.
All joking aside, you can find almost all my family members in the links to the end of the presentation!
Hope you will like my Family!
The Foxes
The Foxes were a lovely couple. Bunny was sometimes very jealous of Vulpes, 
but he didn't mind, he liked it a lot!
Even a Gentleman rides
Liam loved to dress like a Gentleman. Even when he was on his bike,
he always rode in style!
Eternal Couple
The precious couple, Douglas and Catlyn -they loved each other so much!
Uncle B
Uncle Ben, he was always hungry and never left anything on the table
every time when he was visiting his Deer friends!
High Class Gentleman
Giro is Italian but he spent most of his life in Africa. He liked the weather and went on a lot of Safaris.
Hunting Season
Werner, a German hunter from Munich,
he likes to go hunting but loves to drink Beer even more!
Chief Lionheart, was one of the last great native americans alive!
Mr. Bull
Mr. Bull was one of the best politicians who fought for the animal rights.
Thinking Wild
Noah worked every day in the woods as a lumberjack!
I don't even know who this guy is!
The Tattooist
Back in the day, Rocky was the best in traditional tattooing. Rocky can be seen with is good friend and costumer Pit, who loved the sea more than he loved his own mother.
Apollo 18
Jackson T. Junior was the first astronaut who landed on the moon. 
Anything else you hear is a lie, all others are just conspiracies!
Leo or better know as "Lumberjack Leo" - he was a beast at work!
Yearbook Pictures
Yearbook pictures of TJ and Catty. 
They are married and live now happy together somewhere in Los Angeles.
Onto the Shore
Pol was one of the best sailors. He preferred to work in cold places like Antarctica.
ThaNks fOr waTchiNg

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Old Family Album

Old Family Album

I Imagined How A Family Photo Album Would Look If All Family Members Were Animals


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