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Champions Lettering Style (Process)

Hello guys, welcome back with me Faisholisol! :D

Today I want to share with you how do I create custom lettering from scratch or brush lettering to the digital lettering. Okay, let's check this out!

Create some mini rough sketchs using pencil or ballpoint. I did this to explore and find the lettering style (concept) that I wanted and aslo to get the best composition.
After I found the lettering that I thought was the best, I will make it again but with the size that more bigger than the first sketch. At this step I use brush pen to make the lettering.
On the STEP 2 I also fixing and adjusting the parts that looks rough and weird :)
After everything is okay and ready to digitize, I take a picture the lettering and then I import it on Adobe Illustrator. I using pen tool to create the outline and I use mouse to trace the lettering :D

And here is the result (Outline only)
In this step my lettering is almost done. I colored the lettering and also add some effects like shading, color gradient, highlight... so that my lettering looks more standout and eyecatching :D

And, here is the final result! walaaaa Champions!
Okay, I think it's enough for me and all of you haha...
So that is the process how to create lettering using brush pen & pencil in my own way. I hope you guys enjoy this project :)

Likes, comments, and shares are appreciated!
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Thanks so much for watching, and I'll see you soon in the next project :)​​​​​​​

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Champions Lettering Style (Process)

Champions Lettering Style (Process)

Fun project custom lettering style "Champions"