The year is 2009, Noush Skaugen just had crossed the 500K followers line and was on to her 2nd EP to go with a club tour around London, UK.

Dr System was the working title for the new album, so Noush and I collaborated on some ideas for the backstory. Well, we found some. :)

To cut it short, it spanned a social commentary on the networked world we live in today and the quasi zombiefication it causes. Take this and extrapolate it to a dystopian vision of the future and you got a pretty good idea.

For details you'd have to wait for her next release or try to get one of these on eBay :)

Here's some of the artwork and photography that I brought to the game.
Dr System Limited Edition Cover Artwork
Dr System EP Key Art Details
Limited Edition Poster
Limited Edition One Sheet Poster
Detail Zoom
Detail Zoom
Source Images
Wardobe Concept
First Draft of the wardrobe concept. Combining summer sexy with a cool tough look. The bare midriff was the first to go. Too CSI Miami. Also it was too cold on shooting day for single layer clothing.
iTunes LP
iTunes LP - Main Menu Screen
Digipak Edition
Digipak Version (mockup)
Cardboard Fold Sleeve
Free Cardboard Edition to go with the Show Tickets
Twitter Background
Promo Backdrop for Noush Skaugen's Twitter Account