Sleeping in the woods

March 21 is a special day, not only a World Forest Day that advocates people's attention to forest resources, but also a World Sleep Day that guides people to pay attention to sleep.

On this day, it seems that sleeping in the forest is the best thing to do. But this day we still need to go to work to complete the planned work. In order to satisfy our beautiful imagination, we have drawn the picture in our minds. We turned ourselves into small animals and enjoyed the comfort and satisfaction of sleeping in the woods on the floating islands.

It was a wonderful collective art project, with 31 illustrators participating in the event, creating different styles of work, and in the end, we printed them on T-shirts to prepare for the upcoming summer.
209Whiskey  /  A.L  /  DOUBLE
Elaine Soda  /  Sharyn  /  9523
et  /  Giggle  /  Jenny Wu
Zhuyi  /  Wonder Bread  /  冯小健
PI zhang  /  Cindy  /  Zhentou
Otee·art is a young brand from Guangzhou, China, focusing on creating products around the paintings. We worked with Otee·art to hand over the created illustrations to them and finally complete the T-shirt products.