In our visual communication class our assignment was to pick a visual subject to research, and make a piece about it. In our piece we had to incorporate 2000 words on the subject. Including some history about the period, and how it started.
I chose to take a dive into minimalism.
What I find interesting is that minimalism is more of a principle than a visual style.
And since it’s only a principle and direction of designing, designers in any field can use it.
The principle is easy: Don’t include element that you don’t need. 
With fewer elements every detail counts and the message you want to communicate gets clearer.
In my book I am comparing minimalism as design guidelines with the way of living as a minimalist.

If minimalism is only guidelines, do the people that live their life as minimalists follow the same rules?
I got in touch with a guy named Collin Wright. He is a designer, what makes him special is that he sold everything he owned and started living like a real minimalist. 
At the time I did my interview he owned only 60 items. Including his clothes, his computer and his toothbrush.
This is some of the pages in my book.
The book also includes pictures of each and every item that he owns.
There is one page in the book about contradictions. It works as a great contrast between all the white space.
Thank you!