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Wipaus is a Communication / Recording Studio 
and Cultural Association based in Prato, IT.


Founded by four professional freelancer

Graphic and Visual Designer
Art and Creative Direction / Graphic and Visual Design / Branding / Corporate and Visual Identity / Commercial / 
Adv / Editorial / Digital / Illustration / Packaging / Photography / Post production

Video Makers (Bamboo Films)
Art and Creative Direction / Set Organization / Corporate Video / Commercial Spot / Music Video / 
Live Session / Film Production / Documentary / Editing / Post Production / Cinematography

Audio Engineering (Harshsound Recordings)
Recording and Music Production / Set Audio Recording / Foley and Sound Design / 
Digital Editing Mixing and Mastering / Dubbing and Voice Over


Wipaus has also his own professional freelancer team for
Web Design
Social Media Marketing


We design
professional creative multimedia contents 
for every kind of visual and audio 
communication projects.


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WIPAUS STUDIO / Branding - Video Promo

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WIPAUS STUDIO / Branding - Video Promo

Wipaus Studio is a communication / recording studio based in Prato, IT. Founded by Giulia Brachi, Simone Sacchetti, Sara Acciai, Lorenzo Della Ra Read More