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    Illustrations for russian folk tale "Masha and tehe Bear"
From bush to bush, from tree to tree went Masha. Before she knew it she had strayed away from her friends. When at last she saw that she was all alone she began to halloo and call to them, but her friends did not hear her and made no answer.
"Aha", said he, "now I'll never let you go!. You will live here in my house as meek as a mouse, and you will cook my dinner and my breakfast too, and be my servant, faithful and true."

Masha grieved and sorrowed for a long time, but it could not be helped, and so she stayed with the bear and kept house for him.
The bear went out on the porch to make sure that it was not raining. When he did, Masha crawled into the basket and covered herself with the pies.
But the village dogs scented the bear and rushed out at him from every yard, yelping and barking. The bear was frightened, he set down the basket by the gate and away he ran as fast as he could without looking back.