KRAIJ Berlin techno label 2013

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  • Kraij is a techno music Label based in Berlin which preserves the analog attitude. For this reason their own releases are rigorously on vinyl. The concept begun when I visited the Kraij studio 
    which is situated inside a Berlin basement: having seen their music approach I decided 
    to develop this project as close as possible to their music vision. 
    Following this touch I decided to minimize photoshop software so I printed the logo out on paper support
    and scanned it several times… using the scanner as a photoshop tool for a while.. 
    Therefore I started to play with the paper and the lights. I made the logo as simple as possible
    because techno music has an essential sound, that's why I wanted to keep 
    it strictly connected with the music concept.
    Following the Kraij's concept and technique, I started to develop some vinyl releases. Digging from 
    the russian name of the label, I found some interesting pictures which describe 
    some ruins with a particular russian touch. That's what the label owner would like
    to emphasize within his own sound.