Scrambled Sesh

LIVE SESSIONS MASHUP CLUB IN OPORTO CITY (fictional club for a school project)

@scrambledsesh on instagram

/ The combination between two completely different shapes
resulted in an random iconography yet full of meaning.

/ It has been designed as an identity and a campaign to represent the mashups between two random music styles and also the freedom in the way people experience the club at all moments.

/ The visual communication is approached
with a relaxed and humorous tone.

/ Through visual metaphors together with a clear editorial approach, it communicates the randomness of the club while setting the rules for a systematic branding to be coherent over time.

/ Vibrant and contrasting colors.

/ Resulting in a spontaneous and expressive proposal where the intention is to provoke a moment of strangeness.

The concept is centered on providing a relaxed and experimental atmosphere where the public chooses how to respond and behave.

/ The club appears in an urban context, targeting mostly a young, curious and open minded public. It´s intention is to break barriers between different music styles and attract people with ecletic taste in music which are ready to be surprised.

/ On social media, the interaction with the followers happens through playful posts where they´re invited to guess the artists who are part of each mashup.   

@scrambledsesh on instagram

Scrambled Sesh