Merge Health is a group of health clinics in South East Melbourne specialising in integrative health. Through brand strategy, direction and activation, we addressed a number of challenges they were facing.


The Merge brand is about inspiration, rather than a clinical what and how. It is much more focused on inspiring hope and aspiring towards better health than it is about complicated technical information.

When we started working with Merge, we discovered that there are two key groups of people that the brand is serving. There are the people that are feeling like they cannot escape their health problem — passed from doctor to doctor, health practitioner to health practitioner, they are desperate to find a solution to their health problem. The other is the person who is not necessarily ‘sick’, however they have a limited potential because they are struggling with energy levels, stress and the busyness of life.

In both cases, Merge is the possibility of an abundant life through transformative health services. 

One of our favourite parts of this rebrand was creating the ‘Merge Artwork’.
This artwork was created as an identifiable platform from which to inspire people. We used the same pallet of distinctive colours that appear in the logo to build recognition into the artwork. The forms are inspired by nature, with shapes and patterns taken from plants and foliage. The brush strokes are free and loose which gives the image a sense of energy and vitality. Combining these natural shapes with bright colours we created something that represents possibility, hope and abundance.

A brand to inspire change