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Opryland Brochure Mock Up

This booklet was created as a mock up campaign for Internal Communications at Opryland Hotel. It only exists in digital form, and as one-off printed pieces for a presentation that was given. Because I wanted to showcase actual people, I made several visits to the hotel and took my own photos. Some were with permission, some were candids through glass or across a restaurant.

Of the employees I did interact with, all of them were happy and seemed to love their job which is a great testament to Marriott/Opryland's focus on keeping employees happy. In the end it was a fun project to work on, and I'm really happy with how the final pieces turned out.

ALL photos in this piece are my own, taken by me on two different visits to the hotel.

Front Cover

Opening Spread

Service Basics Point 1

Service Basics Point 2

Service Basics Point 3

Service Basics Point 4

Service Basics Point 5

Service Basics Point 6
(Note, my 10 year old daughter excitedly posed for this one along with a front desk employee)

Back Cover
(image wraps around from front to back)
While the design is my own, the mockup template (table background, shadows and booklet shape) was created by yeven_popov and downloaded from
Opryland Brochure Mock Up

Opryland Brochure Mock Up

A mockup design campaign for Opryland's Service Basics created for a job interview. Several visits to the hotel were made to get quick photos for Read More