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Chithed (Lettering Process)

Yooo How's it going? I Hope you guys doing well!

Today I want to share with you how do I create lettering from scratch or brush lettering to the digital lettering. But before I continue to the step by step how to create lettering, I will explain first about what is the meaning of "Chithed". Do anyone know what is means?

So, the word "Chithed" in my hometown means "I don't care". I don't care about what people say to me, I don't care about everything. I use this word when I get mockery or even bullying.

This word is also an encouraging word for me to not listen to what they say to me. CHI to the THED, CHITHED!

Okay, that is just intermezzo haha. Let's we back on the topic...

Create some mini rough sketchs using pencil or ballpoint. I did this to explore and find the lettering style (concept) that I wanted and aslo to get the best composition.
After I found the lettering that I thought was the best, I will make it again but with the size that more bigger than the first sketch. At this step I use brush pen to make the lettering.
On the STEP 2 I also fixing and adjusting the parts that looks rough and weird :)
After everything is okay and ready to digitize, I take a picture the lettering and then I import it on Adobe Illustrator. I using pen tool to create the outline and I use mouse to trace the lettering, beacuse I don't have any pen tab haha.

And here is the result (Outline only)
In this step my lettering is almost done. I colored the lettering and also add some effects like shading, color gradient, highlight and mini figure like star... so that my lettering looks more standout and eyecatching :D

And, here is the final result! walaaaa CHITHED!
Okay, I think it's enough for me and all of you haha...
So that is the process how to create lettering in my own way. I hope you guys enjoy this project :)

Likes, comments, and shares are appreciated!
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Thanks so much for watching, and I'll see you soon in the next project :)​​​​​​​

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Chithed (Lettering Process)

Chithed (Lettering Process)

The process of making custom lettering called Chithed