Cosmopollen Urban Honey
Cosmopollen is a collective of urban beekeepers from the world's most populous cities. The cities involved produce their very own urban honey and honey related products, each one differing in taste and appearance depending on pollination location. Featured below are the range from London, Madrid and New York.
The challenge was to establish a brand for the beekeepers and consider the packaging for their products.
Pollenation location affects taste considerably. The brand name and mark focuses on this aspect, pairing up a simplified pollen mark with a sharp typeface to create a balance similar to the shapes in the patterns below
Patterns based on features of each city's architecture. What I like to think of as a 'bee's eye view'
Label experimentation
Final jars
Urban honey with iced honey and lemon tea
The advertising is intended to be a simple and clear communication between product and environment. Each product speaks in a different tone, just as each city would. The range is introduced in billboard and public transport advertising as the full set, encouraging consumers to discover their favourite product. 
Individual adverts are rolled out across bus stops, magazine and newspaper, etc. to introduce the different personalities. Each one an attempt to grab the audience's attention.
Introducing the range 'The perfect wake up call. What's your flavour?'
Madrid's honey and drink speaking to London - 'Buenos dias'
New York's honey and drink speaking to London - 'Rise & Shine'
London advertising 'Good Morning' mock. Big Ben vector is royalty free stock image #1022898. This is the style I will replicate throughout each piece of advertising.
Alongside the honey and drink products is a confectionary range including lollipops and honeycomb chocolate. The honey and tea is promoted as 'the perfect wake up call'. The lollipops are intended as 'the perfect afternoon snack' and the chocolate as 'the perfect evening treat'.
Advertising is still a work in progress. 
Cosmopollen lollipops based on each honey. Packaging still a WIP
Hexagonal shaped chocolate slabs. Each has a distinct flavour, white with honeycomb, dark with honeycomb and milk with honeycomb - each based on their corresponding honey flavour. Packaging is a work in progress
A snippet of the development work for Cosmopollen
Cosmopollen Urban Honey

Cosmopollen Urban Honey

Branding, naming and packaging for a beekeeping company and their products.


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