MLS BudCup Microsite
In May of 2010, I did a month of work for Major League Soccer. The MLS BudCup is an international 3 on 3 amateur soccer tournament that Budweiser runs ever year leading up to the World Cup. The final round is played at the World Cup stadium in between the actual games.  This site had a very focused goal, which was to generate team registrations for the tournament. Oh yeah, and it had to be designed and built in 48 hours, since they had a huge media blitz going out mid-week. Clearly, wordpress was the weapon of choice here.

Working with assets from the printed poster campaign, I quickly mocked up the backdrop and started working on the information display. The wireframe indicated the home page was to be just a list of links to register for different cities, so the biggest challenge was to make that engaging, sexy and clickable. I built a rollover style using the Budweiser "crown" logomark as a creative bullet. 

Another challenge was building this site to be bilingual. While there are wordpress plugins for this, they focus on translating and correlating text documents, and a lot of the content on this site was contained in image sprites. The solution turned out to be simpler -  build two sites, and link each page to it's translated version via a "language switcher" button in the upper right. While it was not a scalable solution, it allowed us to design, build and launch a production-ready site in less than 2 days. The client loved it, and couldn't believe we had something so good done so quickly.