The Koi Incident
It was over 10 years ago, but the memory is still fresh for all who were involved. Rumors have circulated over the years as to what actually went down that fateful night on Stephen Curry’s 21st birthday, and UA Basketball went out to set the record straight. The Koi Pond incident, the prank that inspired the Curry 6 Coy Fish colorway – had lived as hearsay for too long.
Directors: Jonathan Grimm & Giancarlo Fiorentini
Cinematography: Mitchell Overton, Joe Cookie, Daniel St Ours, Chad Carter 
Editors: Daniel St Ours & Justin Beckenheimer
Senior Creative Director: Sean Flanagan
Associate Creative Director: Alex Bardoff
Senior Producer: Erinn Popp
Director, Production & Post: Trang Dam
DP/Senior Photographer (Product): Sam Gordon
Producer: Jeffrey Oguamanam
Senior Lead, Basketball Marketing: Justin Brown
Director, Under Armour Public Relations: Tara Moore
Sound: White Noise Lab
Color: Aaron Flickinger

Special Thanks to:
Davidson College
Kabuto Japanese Steak House
Alanka Koi Fish

*American Humane Society monitored some of the animal action.
No animals were harmed ® in those scenes.
Stephen Curry: The Koi Incident