The Garden Gate Shop - Craft Paper Bags (MOBOT)
Craft Paper Shopping Bags
For the Garden Gate Shop at the Missouri Botanical Garden
As an intern with the Missouri Botanical Garden I saw a lot of one-off projects. An example of a such a large scope project that was simply missing a designer to assign to it were the Craft Paper Shopping Bag redesigns for the Garden Gate Shop.

Below are examples of each bag, the artwork set up on the templates from the manufacturer, and close ups of text created for this project. I believe I was the first to need, and had to create, a single process version of the Garden Gate Shop Logo as all previous materials had been requested in color for signage, cards, or shirts. To brand the shopping bags to both the Garden and the shop in a beautiful way was the goal of this project, I was cleaning up slightly damaged scans of royalty free engravings for the archives at the time and incorporated them in this project.
All three Craft Paper Shopping Bags; shown to provide scale between small, medium and large options.
The education text on the side leaflets of each bag, the "green today - greener tomorrow" logo was a preexisting logo property used in the Missouri Botanical Garden's reduce, reuse and recycle campaign.
Below are images of each bag; they are currently all available in the Garden Gate Shop should you make a purchase that would require bagging.
The smallest bag depicts a full bleed Iris, and measures 8x4.75x10.5" to give it a volume of 399 cubic inches.
The medium size bag depicts a Water Lily, in full bleed, and measures 13x7x12.5" giving a volume of 1137.5 cubic inches.
The largest bad depicts a cropped spike of Orchids, and measures 16x6x15.75" to give it a volume of 1512 cubic inches.