MN6-100 Welding Manipulators
MN6-100: 6' x 6' Welding Column and Boom Manipulators
LJ Welding Automation is one of the leading welding manipulator manufacturers. The MN6-100 Column and Boom Welding Manipulator is designed with ease of use, productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness in mind. It is ideal for manufacturing in various industries where welding of large vessels and structural steel is required.

Column and boom welders are customizable depending on the specific requirements projects. Seam tracking and automation options are available to enhance precision and weld quality.

Camera Systems

LJ’s camera and monitor package can be set up to observe weld joint, filler material, torch and any areas that need supervision through live video. Open Arc Weld and Submerged Arc Welding cameras are available to suit installation requirements.

Seam tracking

Tactile seam tracking - Uses a contact probe. As tactile sensors to follow the weld joint. This is ideal for materials with large weld seams and has a distinct geometry such as pressure vessels, tanks, and cylinders.

Laser vision seam tracking - Uses a laser ribbon to create a distinct laser line that is analyzed to designate reference points. Due to its high resolution, it can be used to detect and track weld seams as narrow as 0.2 mm.

Cross Slides and Oscillator Systems

Cross Slides and Oscillator Systems are essential for faster, high-quality welds. Powered Cross Slides allows precision vertical or horizontal adjustments on welding heads. The touchscreen oscillator systems include a digital panel that lets you easily adjust amplitude, frequency, and dwell.  

Flux Delivery, Recovery and Storage maximizes operator productivity and helps save up to 50% in costs. Flux delivery or delivers flux to the weld head using gravity or pressure feed. Excess flux is then transported back into the flux hopper reducing waste and minimizing damage to the equipment caused by flux dust.

Manipulator booms

LJ’s welding manipulator boom can range from 4 to 16 feet and can be customized to your requirements. The weld head moves along the stationary boom which gives an axis of movement beyond the column. Since the boom can be mounted on walls, it can free up floor space which makes it ideal for work areas that does not have a lot of space.

Manipulator columns

LJ’s manipulator columns range from 5 to 16 feet. This height can be customized depending on the requirements of your projects. Manipulator columns allow the weld head to adjust to the specific requirements of your workpiece.


The control platform can be set up depending on the project and worker convenience. It comes with a joystick and can be paired with an HMI touch screen, wireless pendants and boom mounted controls.

Power Sources

LJ produces column and boom that combines the right automation process and the right power source based on individual project applications and goals.

MN6-100 Welding Manipulators