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उपनिषदमाण्डूक्य PERPETUAL ILLUMINATION उपनिषदमाण्डूक्य
I AM light
I AM Infinite 
I AM the channel 
I AM expanding 
I AM psychedelic
I AM vibration 
I AM timeless 
I AM unity 
I AM activating 
I AM resonance 
I AM galactic 
I AM radiant 
I AM defined 
I AM electric 
I AM lunar 
I AM magnetic 
I AM planetary 
I AM balanced 
I AM organized 
I AM connected 
I AM inspired 
I AM in harmony 
I AM integrity 
I AM perfect 
I AM manifestation 
I AM dissolving 
I AM releasing 
I AM liberated 
I AM dedicated 
I AM universalized enduring & transcending mantra 
I AM earth-ing 
I AM being 
I AM communicating 
I AM spirit
I AM Dreamtime
I AM art 
I AM accomplishing 
I AM healing 
I AM beauty 
I AM pure 
I AM love 
I AM chakras 
I AM opening my third eye to the unseen vision 
I AM translating 
I AM synchronicity 
I AM reflecting 
I AM endlessness 
I AM order & chaos 
I AM enlightened 
I AM life 
I AM electronic 
I AM the lunar & solar opposite & polar language 
I AM particles of plasma 
I Am cosmic 
I AM the ONE because the ONE are ALL form 
I AM the infinite nothing that becomes the everything 
I AM symbolic 
I AM relative 
I AM the divine spirit that harmonizes with the laws projecting the digital loom the tool of experiencing desire and finding ecstasy in process
I AM me, WE are YOU
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