Sigil - An inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.
"Sigil Structure" Acrlyic, 2012
"Sigil (One)" Acrlyic, 9'x12', 2012
"Sigil (Two)" Acrlyic, 9'x12', 2012
"Sigil (Three)" Acrlyic, 8'x10', 2012
"Sigil (Four)" Acrlyic, 18'x24', 2012
"Sigil (Five)" Acrlyic, 8'x10', 2012
"Sigil (Six)" Acrlyic, 8'x10', 2012
"Sigil (Seven)" Acrlyic, 11"x14", 2012
Sigil Series

Sigil Series

"Sigil magic is a wonderful way of localising a mental focus and isolating the necessary resources to get a job done. We all see and use sigils i Read More


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