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BDN Badalona — Comunicació

BDN Badalona Comunicació

Badalona Comunicació is a local, public, media company that manages three media: Written Press, Radio and TV. They cover the city of Badalona (one of Catalonia’s largest cities) and its surroundings. They are the main source of local information for its population and their mission is to deliver all the relevant news and events happening in the area.

Having an outdated brand and aware of their need to evolve, they came up with two pitches: one for their rebranding and communication and another for their on-air identity. Partnering with Codea, we won the two final pitches, to which we had previously gotten access through a first portfolio selection.


The abbreviation BDN became the prefix of all brand declinations, being Badalona Comunicació the umbrella brand. Our solution, mainly typographic, is close, honest and understandable for all publics.

The main concept ‘Apropar’ (meaning to draw near and to get close at the same time) graphically articulates all BDN’s applications and can be reinterpreted in many ways in all media and supports.

On-air look

We worked with Codea to design the on-air look, the place where the brand pushes the idea of ‘getting close’ further.

All pieces are designed to be easily edited by BDN’s small team. A very strict grid, a single typography weight and a reduced colour palette work as a base for every piece.
Sound (designed by BSO), editing, motion, cropping or zooming effects are always used to evoke the closeness previously mentioned.

Promotional pieces

A system of promotional pieces was created to gain visibility. They focus on representing all aspects of Badalona’s plurality: from young to old, from sports to culture, from the peripheries to the center, etc.


The News are the flagship of most TV Channels. Therefore, both the opening and the set are designed to be extremely corporative.

The opening is yet another reinterpretation of the main concept, making a temporal zoom from the past to the present, showcasing historical events held in Badalona.

We collaborated with Mistercarton for the set design. They created a pannel-based modular furniture that was easy to use and gather up.


Sport has always been one of Badalona’s most important assets. Personalities like swimmer Mireia Belmonte or historical basketball team Club Joventut put Badalona on the map.

The four sport shows of BDN Televisió are treated as part of the main brand. The same ingredients, mixed differently, give them their own flavour, based on the lines of a field. Mistercarton designed the set furniture, which had to be versatile and work well at different layouts.

In collaboration with Codea and photographer Anna Huix, the brand renovation was presented to the audience through a print and media campaign. The concepts ‘Mirem’, ‘Escoltem’, ‘Descobrim’ (we look at, we listen to, we discover) complemented ‘Apropem’ (we draw near, we get close to) and presented Badalona through its daily routines, its life, the corners recognizable by its citizens, etc.

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BDN Badalona — Comunicació

BDN Badalona — Comunicació

Visual identity, on-air look, set design and campaign for a local media company.


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