Creative Director
Lead UX/UI Design at ISBX

Methods/Skills Used
User Centered Design
User testing

The Challenge
Launch a new social network for an Australian entertainment startup. With so many social media and news platforms fighting for a user's attention, it's easy to become overwhelmed by too much information. Clapit sought to be the one to tie them all together. The scope of the engagement was to launch a native iOS MVP app and light web app and landing page
The Solution
Using the App, users can "clap" content that they enjoy which is then shared to the Clapit App and all linked social media platforms. The most-clapped items are displayed by category in the App and viewable by everyone. As new items become more popular the old ones are replaced, creating an always-fresh feed of great content. Users have profiles displaying their recent claps and are able to follow others.
Below is a sample of some very early wireframing and concepting deliverables
The Result
Clapit raised $2.5M in its seed round, the largest seed round for a mobile application in Australia in 2015, and it was also the largest of its kind for a mobile application funded entirely by Australian investors.

Clapit has since taken management of its product design and branding in house and shifted focus to becoming a platform for entertainers and artist to share their talent.