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    The first printed Volume for Living Walls.
One of my first giant projects with Living Walls was to design some kind of printed matter for each of our concepts throughout the year. We usually have a few concepts a year and each one features a handful of artists (local, international, etc.) who come to Atlanta to paint a wall/space/building. The printed brochures that cover the specific artists and their work will be called Volumes and this particular one is our first issue (even though it says 7 — this has to do with our concept number). The French artist ROTI and his controversial mural on University Ave are the subjects of this release. This brochure covers all of the hype! Also, peep the packaging because I am very pumped on how it turned out. Keep your eyes peeled for many more releases! The photos were given to me by Dustin Chambers, my homeboy at Living Walls.
The front and back cover of the ROTI Volume. Photos by Dustin Chambers.
Table of contents
Part 1.
As far as the packaging goes, I ordered some recycled enveloped with the classic string-tie flap and created a stencil out of the "Volumes" type. We were also able to order a really nice stamp with the emblem I created for the branding. CLASSIFIED INFO.