Project Digital Blueprint is a blog that I started to document my research process (and as a way of  my nostalgia for blogging) to research and develop a universal iPad magazine app UI.

The creation of the logo began with several concepts in mind, which embodied my personality, but more importantly the mission of my research:

Blue, Blue, Blue
2. The hand-like iconography (representing the method of research that embraces the humanness (biology, psyche) that went into creating this technology - something we often forget when sitting in front of the LCD). Hopefully the hand isn't too obvious because it's masked by #3.

3. A logo that has a hint of technology-esque geeky-ness (ok, so it's more than just a little). 
4. The "index finger" would be extended the furthest to indicate the number one, which the number in itself may have a few connotations - one of which is of the hope to be unparalleled in the type and quality of research that I pursue.