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    Sollution for project brief L'Artisan Parfumeur D&AD Student Awards 2013
L'Artisan Parfumeur is renowned for its innovative elegance, conveyed through both the scent of the various fragrances and the packaging design of their existing products. Perfume is a luxury; an embodiment of how you see yourself or how you aspire to be seen by others. A perfume bottle is more than a mere container of scent-it is a sensual whisper engaging the mind and igniting both memory and association.
"Reláchez", meaning to release oneself, is a range that focuses on the idea of liberating "bottled emotions", both visually and tangibly. Scents A to D are therefore envisioned as four different shapes and colour combinations, each representative of what the scent evokes on a more intimate level with the user. 
The evocative motions of enclosure and release subtly initiate in the individual a series of associative experiences. The use of colour and shape render the perfume desirable without constraining the product to a specific gender or demographic- for we all experience "passion and desire", "sublime love", "excitement and fear", "elegance and digntity". "Reláchez" provides the individual with an expressive and sensorial voice: the visual personification of scent, emotion and memory.