Interactive installation wich create digital micro-organism
Void sniff a local network to interact with spectators. Coded in java ( Processing ).

How do we spend time on Internet ? Mainly to wander in this stream of information, without any purpose, real need, rushing on every novelty wich appears. However, we spend a fifth of our days on it.
Void tackle this aspect of our use of Internet by inviting spectators to interact and invest themselves in the artwork. People will have to connect on a network and do requests
( webpages, images, searchs,videos...) to create activity in the center of the installation. According to the stream of data, bubbles will pop and the agents wich wandered on the outer rushing
will rush to eat it. Those agents, wich represent each user connected, need food to survive, so spectators will have to feed them to keep them alive !

How It Works

For this project, we worked in a team of 4 during one week of Workshop.
We decided to work around the aspect of gathering and unification of data.
Concerning the graphic universe, we have chosen a very dark and massive ambiance similar to black holes. A massive and stressing dark form. For the sound design, we tried to amplify this feeling of being near a black-hole, sucked by this massive force.

/1      Use the QR code to go on the our website
/2      Connect to the hotspot named "Void"
/3      For each connection, an agent spawns in the micro-organism
/4      Do some researchs or watch videos to generate some data
/5      The data generated will make the micro-organism live
/6      Agents health-bar decrease with time. They have to get fed to live