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Creature Feature- Creature Design Challenge

A bi-weekly (twice a month) character design celebration hosted by myself and Chloe Joy (FabooGu). With each new theme, we focus on what makes a certain creature -that- creature and encourage people to play around with those "boundaries" to create interesting and unique interpretations of mythological beasties. 
I host at least one Creature Feature stream on Twitch in which I create some sketches based on each new theme and people share their creations with us on Instagram and Twitter using the #Creature_Feature hashtag. 

We also have an art Discord server for my Twitch community, but theres a dedicated section for Creature Feature. DM me if you want an invite. 
Barong -March19
Boggart -Feb19
Cait Sidhe -Oct18
Golem -Jan19
Candle Golem -Jan19
Barghest -Oct19
Cockatrice/Basilisk -Feb19
Dragons -Aug18
Fossils -Nov18
Harpy -Sep18
Unicorn -Aug18
Owlbears -July18
Hydra -Jan18
Creature Feature- Creature Design Challenge

Creature Feature- Creature Design Challenge

Creature Design concept sketches based on a bi-weekly CreatureDesign challenge.