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Copenhagen Apartment 001 Animation

Copenhagen Apartment 001 

Modeling, Visualization & Design: Marcin Mackiewicz
Year: 2019

Copenhagen Apartment : Classical style meets innovation.

This apartment for rent in the heart of Copenhagen can be described as a mesmerizing twist on classical style.

The living room plays a starring role - quite spacious, with leather sofa, outstanding lamp as a soft, pleasant light source and polished marble stone fireplace. This area has undoubtedly a unique yet cozy vibe, thanks to various materials used. Bedroom features soft fabrics, characteristic classical details and it certainly serves as a quiet, relaxing space. Kitchen could be distinguished as functional and minimal at the same time. In the front, it features marble kitchen island that plays first fiddle in this part of the apartment.

The design features multiple distinctive elements, which complement each other perfectly. The light hits the walls in a unique way, accentuating the subtle lines of the furniture. Unique appearance and aesthetics of this space creates its one of a kind ambiance.  

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Copenhagen Apartment 001 Animation