Bimebazar advertising campaign
Bimebazar is a platform for selling insurance products in Iran, and it required an advertising campaign to create awareness among the targeted community. The purpose of this promotional campaign was to quickly issue and send an insurance policies at any time and place. In order to solve this problem multiple ideas were presented. We chose and launched an idea that, in several series of artistic works, took a number of troublesome and engaging situations in line with Iranian culture, in which the purchased insurances were delivered in inconvenient situations. The main campaign took place in the advertisement space inside the metro wagons, along with the use of digital advertising media.
Concepts and Refrences
Project creators:
Soheil Cheraghchi (Director / Photographer) | Behance | Instagram |
Shahab Shahmohamadi (Illustration) | Behance | Artstation | Instagram |
Mehdi Mohamad Mirzaie (3D artist / Graphic designer) | Dribbble | Instagram |
Bimebazar advertising campaign