Discussing women’s rights is deemed inappropriate in Kazakhstan, as is a woman’s desire to study or work. Yet, according to the statistics, women account for 39% of Kazakhstan’s GDP 50% – sole proprietors / 41,5% – small and medium businesses / 39% – Kazakhstan’s GDP 

ForteBank wanted to change the public opinion. A week before International Women’s Day thousands of female entrepreneurs received perfume Forte Femme to daub all money circulating in their businesses with. The whole country has started to feel the women’s contribution.

On TV and Radio, famous female entrepreneurs unveiled what the scent stands for. 
Forte Femme has become social media phenomenon and caused public discussion about women’s role in Kazakhstan’s development. 

The last 5 bottles of the perfume were sold at the auction. The money was channeled to female entrepreneurship support funds. 

Creative Director: Andrey Gubaydullin
Copywriters: Georgy Kornilov, Anton Rozhin, 
Artyom Epanchinctev, Alfia Khafizova
Design Director: Vladislav Derevyannykh 
Art Director: Kirill Ratman
Designers: Alexey Klimov, Maxim Geychenko 
Producer: Elizaveta Larionova 
Strategist: Veronika Malikova 
Digital Creative Director: Dmitry Maslakov
Digital Art Director: Anna Maslyakova
Developer: Vasiliy Tsykin 
Web designer: Liliya Zagidullina

Forte Femme