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Photography by me with Nikon D600 with Lens 18 - 55 mm. Editing by me & Ahmed Emad was my advisor while editing , Writings by Me & Dalia Walid.
A while ago i travelled a place called siwa because i was tired of the traffic and big cites enviroments, it was an amazing old place, i spent most of my time shooting because its rarely different..
spent 3 days in shooting and 4 days in editing the photos, alot of my fellows helped me to finish this project, so Thanks to Dalia Walid And Ahmed Emad.
سافرت من فترة مكان بعد واحات سيوة عشان اغير جو شوية و كمان كنت بشتغل هناك برده فكنت بسلى وقتى هناك انى اصور المكان لانه بجد مكان مختلف عن اى مكان الواحد شافة قبل كده
ها قد حل الظلام بصمته الهادىء
Here the darkness comes with its quite silence.
عطشان يا صبابا دلونى على السبيل
Oh boys I'm Thirsty, Show me the way.
من نسى ماضيه تاه
Whoever forgets his past will get lost.
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 يا أيها الذين آمنوا اجتنبوا كثيرا من الظن إن بعض الظن إثم ولا تجسسوا ولا يغتب بعضكم بعضا أيجب أحدكم أن يأكل لحم أخيه ميتا 
O you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin. And do not spy or backbite each other. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when dead?
Quran -  
Surat Al-Ĥujurāt (The Rooms) - سورة الحجرات
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كن في الدنيا كأنك غريب  أو عابر سبيل
Be in this life as if you're a stranger or a person just passing by.
حديث شريف عن النيى صلى الله عليه وسلم
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اتركوا لى ما تبقى منى
Leave to me what's left of me.
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عاشق سارح فى الملكوت
Wandered Love in the universe.
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هل انا تائهه ؟ 
Am I Lost ?
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الدنيا كالماء المالح كلما ازددت منه شرباً ازددت عطشاً
The world is like merinade, The more you drinks from it thre more you get thirsty.
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اريدك انتى وحدك
I want you only.
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انا البطل فى هذه القصة و لست بحاجة الى المساعدة
I'm the hero of the story, I don't need to be saved.
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على ضفاف الجنة ستنسى كل الهموم
ln the edges of heavens all the concenrs will be forgotten.
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بداية حلم جديد
Start of a new dream.
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الوان باردة فى حلم قصير
A short dream in cold colors.
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عيناى تنتظر خيالاً رسمته
My Eyes awaits for a fantasy i painted
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معرفة الناس كنوز
Getting to know people is a treasures.
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كلامك يذوب الحجر
your worlds melts the strones.
مكان لا يعرفه الا الصمت
A place no one knows where it is except silence.
عندما تغلق الابواب
تذكر دائماً ان باب الله مفتوح لا يغلق ابداً
When the doors closes in, Always remember that Allah's door never closes in.
مكان لا يعنى فيه الجماد شىء بل الروح هى من تصنع كل شىء
A place where the inanimate means nothing & the souls means everything here.
فارس بذاك الزمان
A knight of this era.
سئمت الانتظار
Tired of waiting 
حبك الشىء يعمى و يصم
The love of something makes you blind and dead.
فَأَيْنَ تَذْهَبُونَ
So where are you going?
Quran - 
Surat At-Takwīr (The Overthrowing) - سورة التكوير
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