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    This is a student campaign developed to communicate with domestic abuse victims and let them know that there is no excuse for their abuse.
This was a student campaign project by myself and Thomas Wenner for the Young Women's Christian Association. They help domestically abused women find shelter, education, and emlpoyment.
Target Audience: Women between the ages of 24 and 35. These women are either current victims of domestic violence or know someone who is. They are often in a position where they have to lie about their abuse to their friends to explain their cuts and bruises. 
Product Benefit: Women who are victims of domestic violence will know that they do not have to put up with the abuse and that the YCWA helps provide a way out.
Advertising Idea: The thought was that we would make the campaign photography-based showing images of abused women. Across each photograph would be an example of an excuse the abused women may use to justify their reasoning for putting up with it.
The main purpose of this art direction is to communicate with abuse victims by showing abuse victims. This way they can relate to the advertising and are more likely to respond by contacting the YCWA.
Positioning Statement: There is no excuse for abuse.
This campaign also features an ambient execution.
This ambient execution takes the advertising idea even further by making these women physically real.
A make-up artist would be hired to create bruises and cuts on 50-100 females be- tween the ages of 24 and 35. Each of these women would be given a black t-shirt with a different "excuse" on it. They would go to public places (grocery stores, malls, subways, etc.) and act like regular women going about their day. To the average person, it would look like the women are in serious danger for their lives, but the women themselves would pretend that their bruises don’t exist.
The purpose of this execution is to increase awareness of domestic violence and cause people to think about the seriousness of this issue.